Monkeys restaurant

Situated on the central beach of Varna - Bulgaria, Monkeys restaurant introduces the idea of exploring good food and enjoying a nice and welcoming atmosphere, allowing visitors to discover something new and not so traditional.
It's a fresh place for a delicious escape from reality, an unusual space for anyone who wants to run away from gray, hectic daily city life and craves to dive into the jungle of pleasant emotions.
The idea was to create a brand that stands out from the competitors in a fun and friendly way while inspiring confidence that you will receive high-quality services.
The identity is based on the visual representation of the lost jungle, hand in hand with the feeling of a modern, funky and dynamic brand. The illustrations were inspired from the linocut style and were created to match the atmosphere of the whole place. We made them look serious, but we added some fun elements and messages. The logo is clean and dynamic, it's easy to use it in all kind of materials due to his simplicity.
Art Direction, Packaging, Graphic Design and Photography
by Marka Collective

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